11th June 2022
Petrovskiy Marathon
to the race start
Petrovskiy Canoe Marathon
Petrovskiy Canoe Marathon is a historical cultural and sports event, it is a kind of celebration of the birthday of Peter the Great. The founder of St. Petersburg was also known as a great lover of rowing and sailing, which was reflected in the whole spirit of the northern city. Since 2008 on the first weekend of June hundreds of kayakers in various classes cover the distance from Lake Ladoga Fortress Oreshek on the Neva River to the center of St. Petersburg - Peter and Paul Fortress. At the moment Petrovskiy Canoe Marathon is the largest paddling marathon in Russia, exceeding the limit of 1000 participants.
On the eve of celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, we plan expanded marathon program. A distance of 40 kilometers from the Hill of Glory to the Peter and Paul Fortress and a distance of 6 kilometers from the city pier of the Sverdlovsk Embankment to the Peter and Paul Fortress will be added to the traditional distance of 68 kilometers from the Oreshek Fortress to the Peter and Paul Fortress. In addition, on the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress, it is planned to start rowing-indor ergometers race for 68 kilometers.

All finishers will receive commemorative medals specially made for the Petrovsky Marathon at the Mint of the Peter and Paul Fortress.
We are waiting for paddlers of all disciplines, ranks and ages on various ships, from all cities of the Earth, on the birthday of the first Russian rower-naval commander.
Basic Race Info
Registration and Entry fees
Marathon Registration opens on January, 1st 2022 and closes on June 9th, 2022.

Entry fees:
from 01.01.22 - 15.01.22. - 1500 rubles per person
15.01.22-01.03.22 - 1850 rubles per person
02.03.22- 01.05.22 - 2350 rubles per person
02.05.22 - 02.06.22 - 2850 rubles per person
03.06.22- 09.06.22 - 3500 rubles per person

Entry fees are non-refundable.
Distances and classes
Marathon distances - 68 km, 40 km and 6 km
We accept all classes of boats and a special free class if you have not found your type of the boat in the list

K-1 kayak M, W, rigid/frame/inflatable
K-2, K-3 kayak mix, M, W, rigid/frame/inflatable
C-1, C-2, C-3 canoe
Rowing (1, 2, 4, 8)
DS-2 - SUP-double M, W, mix
DS-4 - SUP-4 mix
Dragon boat D-10 mix
Inflatable boats
Free class

Free class, yals, inflatable boats - check with the organizers your class for registration for the number of people

All the finishers will receive Participants Marathon medals. All classes are awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places with certificates in electronic form. Special prizes can be set additionally by sponsors and other organizations

You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the marathon.
You can rent following types of boat/watercraft from our partners

Available for rent:
K-1 kayaks
K-2 kayaks
K-3 kayaks
DS-4-SUP-4 people
Big Sup (6-8 people)
Dragon boats D-10

For rental info please contact us
Participants must be physically and technically prepared for the marathon: all participants is personally responsible for their health.

The marathon is held with the obligatory observance of the rules of epidemiological safety.
Rules for the prevention of new coronavirus infection COVID-19:
- wash and disinfect your hands frequently,
- maintain a social distance,
- choose a healthy lifestyle,
- protect your respiratory system with a medical mask,
- if you feel sick stay at home and call a doctor
We will have several Food points during the marathon - at the point 30 km and 60 km. Food points will offer water, energy drinks, hot food (porridge), hot tea.

The main food point will be available at the finish for all marathon finishers by participants' coupons. Meal at the finish point includes a hot dish, salad, bread, tea/coffee. The support team or the audience will be able to buy food coupons for 500 rubles.

We answer any questions
Marathon program
11th June 2022
Registration at 68 km start point
Registration of participants, start packeges issue
Pre-start briefing
Pre-start briefing at the pier of the fortress Oreshek
Marathon start 68 km
Start from the Fortress Oreshek
Marathon start 40 km
Start on the Hill of Glory for 40 km
Food point-1 working hours
Food point one at 30 km working hours
Marathon start 6 km
Start of participants at 6 km marathon on the Sverdlovskaya embankment, 64
Food point-2 working hours
Food point-2 (60 km) working hours on the Sverdlovskaya embankment, 64
Food point at the Finish working hours
Awards, afterparty and concert program
Peter and Paul Fortress, Big Beach, meeting with Peter and the judges of the participants of the Petrovsky marathon, awarding of medals, concert program
Marathon rout and map
Start - Oreshek Fortress - Hill of Glory (start 40 km) - city pier of Sverdlovskaya embankment, Sverdlovskaya embankment, 64 (start 6 km) - Peter and Paul Fortress - Finish!
Points of start and registration
Registration 68 km https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUQf4GIlA

Start 68 km https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUQJ6fgOC

Registration and start 40 km https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUQJ6G7HD

Registration and start 6 km https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUQRItwPC

Finish Peter and Paul Fortress https://yandex.ru/maps/-/CCUQJCAwhA
Race partners
We are always looking forward to new partners and sponsors! We invite you to cooperate!
Info partners
Safety boats and volunteers
We invite volunteers to participate with their boats to ensure the safety of the marathon participants on the water. Volunteers ensure the functioning of the competition, help athletes and solve issues that arise during the race.
Volunteers are provided with food and are awarded with marathon medals, letters of thanks, and of course they will get a lot of impressions from the competitions themselves!
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any additional questions, please write by email: info@waterpoint.club or WhatsApp (contact form below)
Q: Are life jackets mandatory for all classes? And if I have SUP lish?
Yes, life jackets are mandatory for all classes of participants, including SUPs with the presence of lish.
Q: How will the results be recorded?
The results will be recorded using electronic chips that will be issued at registration with the participants' numbers. Electronic chips are handed over after the finish to the organizers (in exchange for a medal))
Q: How many food points will there be?
Two intermediate Food points (30 km and 60 km) and one at the finish line. Food points are organized for participants, but anyone from the support group or the audience will be able to purchase a food coupon for 500 rubles.
Q: Are there any mandatory Check Points?
There are no mandatory Check Points, all points including food points, creative and competitive points, participants pass at will.
Q: Will the delivery of boats to the start from the city be organized?
Yes, the day before it will be possible to hand over the boat in the city for transportation to the start of 68 km and 40 km. The cost is 1000 rubles. To apply, write to us by email info@waterpoint.club
Q: If there are participants of different age groups in the same crew, in which class should I register?
In an open class. For example, if one participant is 58 years old and the other one is 49 or 17, you register for an open class.
You will receive a confirmation of registration and payment info by email within 24 hours
Name and Surname
Your date of birth
Choose your distance
Your boat type
Your boat name/brand name
Gender class
Write down your Teammates Names and Surnames with dates of birth
Your Club/Team name if you have
Write your questions if you have it
I am aware of the risk of harm (damage) to myself and other participants during the course of the marathon. I am physically and mentally ready to participate, and to the possible physical and psychological stress during this marathon. I have read and agree to all the clauses of the offer agreement, the competition regulations, and the competition rules, and I undertake to strictly observe them and the generally accepted security measures. I undertake to use sports equipment exclusively in accordance with the rules of the competition in such a way as to avoid causing injuries and damage to other participants, spectators and organizers. I guarantee to the organizers of the competition that I am legally capable, my state of health allows me to take part in a sports event on the terms of its holding. I declare that I waive any material or other claims and claims against the organizers of the competition, service personnel, property owners, as well as other participants in the event of physical, moral or other harm to me during participation in the competition, as well as deterioration of my health (the occurrence of cases of disability), directly or indirectly caused by participation in races within the framework of this marathon.
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E-mail: info@waterpoint.club
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